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Everything About Amy Eshleman, Chicago’s First Lady

Amy Eshleman is the wife of Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot. She lives in Logan Square with their only daughter. Eshleman became the city’s First Lady of Chicago after Lightfoot became the Mayor. Thus, she holds the 56th position of the status.

Amy became a Program Leader for Education for the Urban Libraries Council in 2012. ULC is a member institution of the leading public libraries in the U.S. and Canada. Therefore, she is overseeing a national industry. Several organizations have funded the program.

She created a network of spaces for youth. It is in 24 cities across the country. YOUmedia motivated that. The Learning Labs in Libraries and Museums program evokes the learning process for youth. It is in their out-of-school duration. Moreover, Amy leads ULC’s education initiative. It is a huge honor for Amy.

A list of things to know about Amy Eshleman

Eshleman comes from Sterling, Ill. She has lived in Chicago since 1991. Besides, she is a retired Chicago Public Library assistant commissioner. Eshleman worked there. She was the former Chicago Public Library Commissioner. She has played a great many roles in her career.

The duration was from 1994 to 2012. During her time there, Eshleman helped the development of YOUmedia. It is a digital media center for teens. It started in 2009 at the Chicago Public Library’s Harold Washington district. The program was a great success. Therefore, a new but the same version came up nationally.

President Barack Obama said that YOUmedia is a digital space for teens. It is a type of new and innovative learning space. However, it needs to be replicated throughout the country. This was a huge compliment coming from the former president of the USA.

Eshleman also helped expand an identical Learning Labs program nationally. Moreover, it was the program leader for tuition at the Urban Libraries Council.

Amy and her partner have done many ventures together. People love them for their work. It is just the beginning of great initiatives in Chicago. Moreover, the city is happy for its Mayor.

Mayor and her wife

Lori Lightfoot and her wife joined the 49th annual Pride Parade on Chicago’s North Side. It was on march June 24, 2018.

Lightfoot and Eshleman have been in a relationship for 16 years. Furthermore, they were married on the day same-sex marriages became legitimate in Illinois. Eshleman talked about the reason behind their marriage.

She said that people don’t know what your life is going to be like. She also adds that people want certain things for themselves. Falling in love and having a family and doing all those things felt important to them. Thus, marriage on that day felt big to them.

Eshleman and Lightfoot went to last summer’s Chicago Pride Parade. Afterward, she confirmed that the experience was great. It was one of the deepest and most emotional and humbling times of her life. Therefore, it shows most Chicagoans are open and welcoming. They are different, loving, and nonjudgmental. These people are truly great.

Eshleman was a student-athlete at Sterling High School. She played tennis and basketball. Amy was an athlete. She graduated in 1980. Therefore, she played on the school’s 1977 girls’ basketball squad. This was the first girl’s basketball championship in Illinois. She is truly a remarkable personality.

Also, she has a bachelor’s degree in history from Miami University in Ohio. Therefore, Amy has worked on two congressional staff. It was between the years 1984-88. This is her story. She is an incredible human being and a role model to many.  Presently, Amy is doing amazing work. We will see them sometime in the future. She is doing amazing and keeps on doing so.

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