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Blow Up Dolls: Some Crazy Facts To Know

Each day you learn something new on social media and the internet in general. So, when we are talking about Blow up dolls, then, of course, it has some weird connections to it. These dolls are also known as sex dolls that people use for various reasons. In fact, the internet has gone crazy about these dolls.

So, recently, on social media, people were talking about the doll’s origin. Some of them were of the opinion that Nazis created the dolls. Well, we have no concrete proof as to who the creator is. But, one thing is for sure, whoever the creator was, people have found certain ways to treat the dolls.

Some of them use it for romantic purposes, and others also use them as ‘floaters’. Well, the weird list just goes on and on. So, in this article, we shall discuss some crazy facts about these dolls.

Here Are The Crazy Facts On Blow Up Dolls

Blow up dolls or love dolls as we can call them has some weird facts associated. There are lots of variations to them that make them so interesting. They can be creepy or fun, depending on how you look.

In fact, some people do use it in a weird way that makes us question our humanity. So, before we talk about the facts, it’s worth noting that love dolls can be expensive or cheap.

Whether nazis invented the doll in the past or not, we have no way of knowing. But, it’s true that these dolls have certainly blown up the internet. So, without further ado, let’s dig into the weird facts.

1.     Looking For Realistic Dolls? Creepiness Can Follow

Generally, the more the love dolls look realistic, the more creepy they can become. In fact, an engineer also came to describe this with the term, ‘Uncanny Valley.’

So, when it comes to love dolls, you don’t want them to look realistic. In fact, people might feel afraid if they suddenly see them at night. However, it’s true that with the way technology has progressed, the day is near when we shall find a love doll that’ll look identical to a human being.

2.     You Might Have To Spend A Fortune

As we mentioned earlier, some blow up dolls can be super expensive. So, you may have to spend quite a lot of fortune to get one. In fact, some of these dolls are nothing but plastic that has air in them. However, people have a weird tendency to buy anything that looks cool. So, buying a love doll isn’t much of an issue as well, even if it means spending thousands of bucks for it.

3.     Floating Device

This is absolutely bizarre but a few people did swim with their love dolls. In fact, they used dolls as floating devices. As per the reports, some people also bought the dolls thinking that they were unique floating devices. So, in times like these, we have to question our sanity.

4.     Loving The Doll Is Okay, But How About Marrying?

So, there was a person who actually tied knots with love dolls. The person from Michigan, Davecat, has three dolls and tied knots with one of them. So, the name of the doll is Sidore Kuroneko. As for the other dolls, they are just intimate friends to him. So, we can see that he is quite happy with an awesome relationship with the dolls.

Final Thoughts:

So, these were some of the crazy facts on blow up dolls. In the end, it’s all about how people want to use them and because of that, we get into some crazy situations.

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