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Samantha Lewes Cause of Death, Wikipedia, Movies Husband and Family

Samantha Lewes who was famously well-known for being the ex-wife of American actor and film maker Tom Hank. It was an actor who was most likely experienced in portraying the role of a waitress on the American TV sitcom Bosom buddies. Also, she was a good host in her portrayal of an actual customer in the television film 1984 Mr. Success. She was the beautiful most famous prima Donna in the Hollywood film industry. She was also a pleasure to be around in her role as a client in the film 1984. Mr. Success. She was the beautiful lead Prima Donna in the Hollywood film industry.

Samantha Lewes was married to Tom Hanks in 1978 and the couple has two kids. Their lives were going well however, due to a variety of circumstances following her time with her husband for nine years, they separated and the care of the children handed over at the direction of Tom Hank. Even though they were split, Lewes did not remarry and stayed with her husband in a jovial manner.

She was unwed for 15 years following her decoupling. In 2001 her diagnosis was that she had the final stage of bone cancer. Due to the bone tumor, Samantha Lewes was declared dead on the 12th of March, 2002.

Who is Samantha Lewes?

Samantha Lewes who was a scene-stealer, a famous actress of The Land of Liberty, was mostly portrayed as the first to be a popular choice, as well as the ex-wife of United States starlet Tom Hanks. Her popularity was due to the moments she created on The silver screen. Additionally, the beauty queen was popular for her charming catching up appearance.

Samantha Lewes was a mum of two, and they are the stars of the the big screen. Samantha Lewes, the California lady was the daughter of an elite and professional family. She was raised in California, United States with three siblings. She was a devoted person and picked a few of her favorite songs.

Samantha Lewes Biography:

Samantha Lewes whose birth name was Susan Jane Dillingham was the daughter of United States marine man John Raymond Dillingham and his wife was an English teacher aid Harriet Hall Dillingham. She was a model in US show business and was known for her role as the ex-wife of American actor Tom Hanks.

Susan Jane Dillingham alias Samantha Lewes was born on 29th November 1952, in San Diego, California, United States of America. The actress was American by birth in addition to being White Caucasian by ethnic background. The zodiac of her birth was Sagittarius with the symbol The Bow and Archer.

In 2002 there was a depressing belief that Samantha Lewes had bone cancer and died on the 12th of March 2002 at Sacramento within the State of California, United States at the age of 49. What is left are her traces of happy moments she left to her family friends, family, and the public.

Samantha Lewes Age:

Samantha Lewes was 49 years and 4 months and one days old at the time she was in her home and breathed her final breath on March 12 2002.

Samantha Lewes Height and Weight:

Samantha Lewes was approximately 5 4 inches or 165 inches tall. Her weight was 55kg or 121 lbs . in pounds.

Samantha Lewes Physical Appearance:

Samantha Lewes had a good and beautiful body. Her eyes were stunning brown blonde hair and pretty skin color. Her body measurement was 36-27-38 inches.

Samantha Lewes Family:

Samantha Lewes belonged to a educated class. She was born in the Royal sea soldier family in which the father John Raymond Dillingham is the United States Marine man, and the mother of her was English teacher Assistant Harriet Hall Dillingham. She was working in England as a swap teacher as well as teaching English to students in intermediate schools.

Susan Jane Dillingham grew up in different parts within the United States with her three siblings. The couple divorced in 1962 and they were taken care of with their mom. Dillingham was raised throughout California, North and South Carolina, Hawaii, Florida and Virginia. Her mother later decided to move the family to the northern part of California to live closer with her younger brother David.

Samantha Lewes Family

Susan Jane Dillingham and Tom Hanks began their relationship while they were both students on the same campus at California State University, Sacramento. The two began to develop a friendship. They were expecting their first child in early 1977. In the meantime, the couple was facing financial problems, which became more complex when their children were born. Colin Hanks, their eldest child was born on the 24th of November, 1977 when the couple was staying in Sacramento. On the 24th of January, 1978 she and Hanks made their vows to marry.

In 1979, Lewes, Hanks, and Colin relocated from the city of Lewes, Hanks and Colin to New York City, where Hanks made himself a household name as a stand-up and actor-comedian. After being cast as the primary character in the movie ‘Bosom Buddydies’ Hanks relocated his family to Los Angeles in 1980. They welcomed their third baby girl, named Elizabeth on May 17 in 1982.

Samantha Lewes Husband:

Samantha Lewes and Tom Hanks were married on the 24th of January 1978. Their first baby was born the 24th of November 1977. Unfortunately, after 9 years, they separated.

Samantha Lewes

Samantha Lewes Divorce:

The marriage grounds never are constructed on the basis of hope. The couple chose to separate for two years after the child’s birth in the year 1984. The couple decided to separate three years after the birth of their daughter. Samantha Lewes’ marriage to Tom Hanks was brought to an end as planned when the couple announced that they had quits. The couple had filed for disunion in the year 1985, however, it was not completed until March 19, 1987. Then, Tom Hanks married Rita Wilson in 1988 after a 9-year marriage had ended.

Tom Hanks and Samantha Lewes did not provide a reason for why they split up. The actor later said that the split stemmed from the reality that he was young and didn’t wish to repeat his childhood destiny. Since his parents divorced when Tom was a young man The actor chose to marry young. Samantha has dedicated her whole life to raising children. She said that the last one month and a half living with Tom was unmanageable for her. He claimed,

Samantha Lewes Children:

Samantha Lewes and her ex-husband Tom Hanks have two children, Colin Hanks, and Elizabeth Anne Hanks. They’ve followed following in the footsteps of their father’s footsteps in the entertainment business. Colin born on November 27, 1977 was an actor and has been featured in a variety of TV shows and films which include “Get Over It” (2001), “NCIS” (2003) and “Fargo” (2014).

Samantha Lewes

Colin Hanks, who is married to Samantha Bryant, rose to prominence on the television show “Roswell” and “Orange County” (2002) and “Jumanji: Next Level” (2019). He is a director and producer as well as performing. Alongside acting, he’s an actor, producer and director.

Elizabeth Anne Hanks who was born on May 22, 1982 is an actor who was a part of her father’s character on the film “Forrest Gump” and the short film of 2015 “Anchorage.” Elizabeth appeared to have retreated from her career as an actor in favour of writing. The writer has worked for a variety of publications which include The New York Times, The Guardian, Vanity Fair and Time.

Chet Hanks as well as Truman Hanks, both siblings stepbrothers were born in the month of August 1990 and in December 1995 respectively. Chet Hanks began his music career in hip-hop. Truman was employed as an assistant in the production.

Samantha Lewes Education:

Susan Jane Dillingham also known as Samantha Lewes’s passion for acting began as a young girl. She pursued acting studies through California State University, Sacramento, California, United States of America after she graduated in high school. Samantha Lewes became her professional name later on.

Samantha Lewes Career:

in 1981 Samantha Lewes appeared as waitress in the episode from season one of “Of Cahoots from the show Bosom Buddies.’ Chris Thompson, Thomas L. Miller, and Robert L. Boyett created the show that ran in ABC during two consecutive seasons, from October 27, 1980 until March 27, 1982.

Kip Wilson/Buffy was played Tom Hanks, and Henry Desmond/Hildegard played by Peter Scolari. Donna Dixon, Holland Taylor and Telma Hopkins also starred in the main lineup. While filming this show Hanks got to know his wife the actress Rita Wilson. In the season 2 episode All You Want Is Love she was Cindy (1981).

Samantha Lewes Net Worth:

Although Samantha Lewes prioritized her family over her professional life Her professional accomplishments substantially added to her wealth. According to reliable reports, Lewes’ net worth was estimated at US 15 million earned from her efforts as well as a fractionation agreement. Tom Hanks’ wealth is currently estimated to be higher than $350 million.

Samantha Lewes Death:

Samantha Lewes whose birth name was Susan Jane Dillingham, was diagnosed with bone cancer in the year 2001. A source has revealed Tom’s reaction when he learned that his ex-wife was diagnosed and said, “Tom was absolutely devastated by the news.”

Companions stated clearly the fact that Tom Hanks immediately made arrangements to arrange for Lewes to be treated by the top bone cancer specialists at UCLA and even paid the costs. Samantha’s medical specialists confirmed the fact that she had progressed into her respiratory system and nervous system, following several unsuccessful efforts.

Samantha passed away on the 12th of March 2002 located in Sacramento, California, after an almost year-long battle with cancer. She left her two children Elizabeth and Colin two of the children she shared together with Tom. The divorce had a devastating effect on them both.


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