‘Victorious’ Story: Why Is Cat So Crazy In Victorious? Find Out The Details

Are you looking to find out why people are so vocal about Cat from Victorious? Well, they have certainly taken it upon the internet to ask, “why is Cat so crazy in victorious?’. So, in order to know about that, we have to know the theories behind it.

So, as we know, Cat, or Cat valentine is one of the funniest characters in the show Victorious. In fact, she received the love of fans due to her acting. Known for her erratic personality, she has certainly seemed a bit ‘crazy’ to some people. Therefore, people are asking ‘Why is Cat so crazy in Victorious?’.

The popular sitcom Victorious of Nickelodeon has certainly gained immense popularity. In the early part of 2010, it was a regular thing for people to sit in front of their TV and watch the show. So, now, in the age of digital media, people are once again talking about this awesome show. In that show, we have a character whose name is Cat Valentine. She is a bit notorious for being crazy and erratic as we mentioned before. So, if you wish to know why she is ‘crazy’, then go through this article for some interesting theories.

Cat’s Craziness Has People Talking

In the TV show Victorious, Cat Valentine is a great character with a big heart. In addition, she is the most loving character in the whole show and therefore, a fan favorite. However, it’s also true that she has a few silly tendencies in the show that has people talking. For example, she is a bit dim-witted and can get distracted quite easily.

On the other hand, we know that Jade is another character who’s fearsome. So, if we compare both of them, we can see that Cat probably has some issues that make her so ‘crazy’.

So, why is Cat so crazy in victorious anyway? Well, we know that her brother suffered from mental health and in fact, her parents weren’t also caring enough. In other words, they didn’t have the best of childhood memories, which might explain her erratic self.

However, there’s another reason for this as well. As per some internet theories, we have come to know that she might be bipolar. In fact, she does show a few traits that a person with bipolar may have. For example, she is high self-esteem, is more talkative than usual, and also has racial thoughts.

Furthermore, there are other ongoing theories as well that could explain her erratic self. For example, she could have potential autism and has suffered abuse from her brother. So, we can see that there are numerous theories about her wacky personality.

Who Plays Cat In The Show?

So, if you are not sure who plays Cat in the show Victorious, then let us tell you that it’s the famous singer, Arianda Grande. Needless to say but she has become an incredible singer now since her days on Nickelodeon.

‘Victorious’ Story: Why Is Cat So Crazy In Victorious? Find Out The Details

After the end of the Victorious show in 2013, she also played a role in a spin-off show with Jenette McCurdy. The name of the show was Sam And Cat. However, the show didn’t last long enough after a single series in 2014.

In the show Victorious, she has starred alongside Victoria Justice ( Tory Vega), Leon Thomas ( Andre Harris), and Matt Bennet ( Robbie Shapiro).

About The Show In A Nutshell

The show revolved around Tory Vega, a singer, who attends an art high school. However, she finds herself in wacky situations all the time. In her life, she meets her friends, like Andre ( who goes on to become her best friend), Cat, and the socially awkward Robbie. Moreover, she also meets a mean girl, Jade.

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