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Laurie Metcalf & Matthew P Roth’s Daughter Mae Akins Roth: Explore Her Life Facts

A lot of you already know about Laurie Metcalf and her outstanding performances as an actress. However, did you know that she has a daughter whose name is Mae Akins Roth? So, she has become quite popular due to the fact that her parents are celebrities. In addition, Mae also has a half-sister who’s also a popular actress now.

Laurie Metcalf and Matthew P Roth welcomed their daughter Mae Akins Roth into their life and that’s the reason why she has also come under the limelight. So, if you want to know to explore her life facts, then you are at the right place. Here we will share some riveting facts about her life, like her early life facts, personal relationship, and also about her career.

Early Life Facts About Mae Akins

One of the main reasons why Mae Akins Roth has become famous is due to the fact that her parents are Laurie Metcalf and Matthew P Roth. Mae was born in the year 2005 on 3rd July in the US. Therefore, her current age as of 2022 is around 16. Moreover, her birth sign is cancer and she belongs to ethnic background.

Name Mae Akins Roth
Parents Laurie Metcalf, Matt Roth
Nationality American
Born 03 July 2005
Age 17 years
Born Place USA
zodiac sign Cancer
Uncle & Aunt Linda Metcalf, James Metcalf
Grandparents James Metcalf, Libby Metcalf

It’s worth noting that due to her parent’s age, they decided on having her daughter Mae through a surrogate.

Mae’s Mother Laurie Metcalf is famous as an actress. She has done roles such as Roseanne, JFK, Lady, and Desperately Seeking, and that’s why she’s quite famous. In addition to her mother, she also has a half-sister Zoe Perry who’s also an actress.

We mentioned that her father’s name is Matthew P Roth. However, did you know that he’s not her biological father? Actually, the name of her biological father is Jeff Perry. Laurie Metcalf’s first husband was Perry. However, their relationship didn’t work out.

Therefore, they decided to separate in the year 1992. Both Metcalf and Perry didn’t tell the media about the reason for their divorce. According to the sources, we can say that it was an irreconcilable difference.

Moreover, it’s also worth noting that Mea Akins Roth has two half-brothers. The name of her half-brothers is William Theron and Donovon Roth. Currently, Donovon is 21 years old and he is the foster child of Matthew and Laurie.

Laurie Metcalf & Matthew P Roth’s Daughter Mae Akins Roth

What’s The Relationship Status Of Mae Akins?

Since she’s the daughter of Laurice Metcalf and Matthew P Roth, a lot of people want to know about her boyfriend. However, she’s quite shy and doesn’t like any social media prominence. This is the reason why she hasn’t shared anything about her relationship status.

Her Career

Mae Akins Roth is just a 16-year-old girl as of 2022. Since she’s just 16 years old, she’s in high school now. In other words, she’s still at school and is unemployed. Only time will tell whether she will become an actress like her mother or not. As of now, she is not considering acting as a career.

However, it’s true that has some interest in modeling, acting, and singing. In fact, we know that her father Matthew is also an actor who has acted in Roseanne as Jackie’s abusive boyfriend Fisher. So, her whole family background belongs to Hollywood. So, we may see her at one point of time in Hollywood as well.

Net Worth

Mae Akins Roth is just a 16-year-old girl who doesn’t have a career of her own. So that’s the reason why she doesn’t have a net worth of her own. Her family has a net worth of around 500k. They fulfilled all the wishes of their little one and didn’t let her feel deprived of the pleasures of the world.

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