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Kelly Rebecca Nichols: Everything About The Ex-wife Of Radio Show Host Alex Jones

There is so much to know about Kelly Rebecca Nichols according to the trends. In this article, we will tell you about Kelly Rebecca Nichols. Kelly gained nationwide attention following her divorce. Moreover, there was another case regarding a custody battle with her estranged husband. Kelly Rebecca Nichols is the ex-wife of dubious American radio show host, Alex Jones.

Full Name Kelly Rebecca Nichols
Date of Birth 02 July 1968
Age 54 years
Born Place Travis County, Texas, United States
Children Rex Jones
Spouse Alex Jones (m. 2007–2015)
Parents Edmund Lowe Nichols, Sandra Kay Heiligman
Siblings James Edmund Nichols And Jill Elizabeth Nichols
Work in Woman Animal Rights Activists

Kelly Rebecca Nichols was implicated in many publicity stunts of the non-profit animal rights organization. She also worked with PETA’s public relations department. However, she is no stranger to controversies.

Who Is Kelly Nicolas?

Kelly Rebecca Nichols was born in Texas on 2 July 1968. Her two siblings are James Edmund Nichols and Jill Elizabeth Nichols.

Nonetheless, Nichols’ father Edmund is a convicted criminal. He had violated federal financial conflicts of interest law. He pled guilty in 1993. Her father was a high-level diplomat for the United States government before that.

Alex Jones is a controversial media personality. He is popular as America’s ushering conspiracy theorist. Alex married Kelly Rebecca Nichols in 2007. A son and two daughters before Nichols filed a divorce case against her husband in December 2013. The pair has 3 children. Now, Kelly unofficially changed her name to Violet Jones. It was after the marriage.

The Controversies And More

The divorce happened in March 2015. It was over his alleged affair with one of his crew members, Lee Ann McAdoo. It was widely noted that Nichols was forced to divorce her husband.

However, Jones was able to receive full custody of their three children. He was similarly ordered to hand over the keys and papers to their Austin, Texas mansion. The Court ordered Alex Jones to pay Nichols the sum of $3.1 million. It was a huge battle. Moreover, it left a scar in their life.

Kelly Rebecca Nichols: Everything About The Ex-wife Of Radio Show Host Alex Jones

Nonetheless, Nichols headed back to court to combat the ruling. She claimed that her ex-husband was mentally unstable and also a felon. She said that he hopes Jennifer Lopes gets raped. It happened while alarming Congress member Adam Schiff. She cited his many outbursts on his show. This includes him.

They would turn out more terrible than he is. Only if the court permits him to have them. Nichols repeated that Jones was a bad person to their children. However, the court awarded joint custody In the end. But, Kelly had the power to decide whether their children would live with their father or not.

Alex Jones was born in Dallas. His father David worked as a dentist. His mother was a homemaker. Alex Jones made his name as a crime theory-driving radio show host in Austin, Texas.

Here he played as a lineman on the school’s football team. Jones went to Anderson High School in Austin. He was a call-in format public-access cable television program host before starting his career as a live host. Jones then attended but dropped out of Austin Community College.

Unknown Facts About Kelly

There is a lot about Kelly Rebecca Nichols that most people are fully unaware of. Kelly Rebecca Nichols played an unusual role in mainstream notability.

It was different from Alex. But, it’s really important to go back a little and see how she started her way in the industry. She has even been in many publications. Some of them are as large as USA Today. Kelly was landing on the covers of big publications. Much thanks to her endeavor as an animal rights activist During the 90s. She had been involved in many great deeds. However, she becomes a dubious person because of her ex-husband.

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