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Rory Farquharson’s Relationship With Malia Obama: Who’s This Man?

People have spotted Barak Obama’s daughter Malia Obama and Rory Farquharson a lot of times on the streets. As the rumors spread quickly, it has come to the attention of people that Rory is the boyfriend of Malia Obama. So, it’s really a great news and that’s why there’s so much craze to know more about him.

Name Rory Farquharson
Parents Charles Farquharson, Catherine Farquharson
Nationality British
Born July 18, 1998
Age 22 Years
Born Place Suffolk, United Kingdom
zodiac sign Cancer
Girlfriend Malia Obama (2017)
Height 1.85 M

In fact, people are even more interested to find more things about him because of his relationship with Obama’s daughter. In fact, people have spotted the duo first time in 2017 at a football game between Harvard and Yale. From thereon, people tried to dig into the life of Rory and found that he is a student of Harvard and has a connection to the royal family as well.

Rory Farquharson’s Relationship With Malia Obama

So, if you wish to know more about Rory Farquharson, then go through this article for some interesting details.

Rory’s Early Life

It’s because of Malia Obama that Rory has attained much recognition from people across the globe. So, as per the sources, he was born in the year 1998, on 18th July in Suffolk, UK. Therefore, he is currently 23 years old as of 2021.

As for his parents, they are Charles & Catherine Farquharson. It’s worth noting that his father is the CEO of a firm, whereas his mother is an accountant. However, we don’t have any info on whether he has any siblings or not.

So, as we said earlier, he is a Britisher and belongs to the Cancer zodiac sign. In fact, it’s also true that he went to a private English boarding school to complete his primary schooling. Thereafter, he also went to a rugby school to pursue his interest. In fact, we can see that he is an awesome athlete who represented his school in sports. Due to his skill, he was made the head boy in the final year of his school life.

His Formal Education: A Harvard Student

After completing his schooling at rugby school and a primary school, he went to take formal studies seriously. In fact, due to such dreams, he went to Harvard University to become a lawyer.

Moreover, as per the sources, we got to know that during his summer holidays in the university, he worked as an intern. So, what was the job, you might be wondering. So, he became an intern at the center for peacebuilding and democracy in Northern Ireland.

It’s worth telling that the company works to support the Northern Ireland peace progress. It is something that Rory also wants to do. The company also wishes to create a society that can work as a community and provide equality to everyone. Apart from this, he also has an interest in the finance field.

His Relationship To Obama’s Daughter

As we said earlier, people spotted the duo at a Harvard vs Yale game back in 2017. In fact, there was a viral video in which the duo was kissing each other in the parking ground. Moreover, people have also spotted them, where Rory was smoking a cigarette,

Rory Farquharson’s Relationship With Malia Obama

It’s worth noting that the families are quite private about the relationship. However, in the recent covid pandemic, Rory spent some time together with the Obama family because of visa complications.

Connection To Royal Family

So, this might be new to you but Rory Farquharson’s family has a distant royal family connection. His father’s cousin, Andrew was one of the courtiers for the queen and then he became an assistant master of Buckingham palace. Thereafter, he became the deputy master of Prince Charles’s home.

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